Sustainability is increasingly important to consumers, especially when it comes to choosing food and drink.

Here at Kerrymaid we’re working hard to ensure our products fit the needs of a sustainable kitchen, as well as ticking the all-important boxes of taste and nutrition.

The environment

Understanding the provenance of ingredients is increasingly vital for caterers. We’re proud that all milk used in our Kerrymaid dairy products is sourced and manufactured in Northern Ireland.

We responsibly source our ingredients to minimise the impact on the environment. All the palm and coconut oil we use is sustainably sourced, with the palm oil RSPO certified, minimising its impact and maintaining a supply chain for years to come.

Kerrymaid is also a Soil Association Food for Life Supplier, providing environmentally sustainable and ethically sourced food – you can read more about this here


As a supplier, we want to do our bit to help caterers reduce their waste, which is why all our outer boxes are recyclable. Some of our inner packs are recyclable, and Kerrymaid is working towards changing this going forward, whilst ensuring we can maintain the quality and freshness of our goods. Check each individual pack for more information.


We’re always looking to improve the nutritional credentials of our products, whilst maintaining the quality and taste our customers expect.

We offer lower allergen products, and there are no artificial flavours or colours in our dairy and dairy alternative products. There are also no hydrogenated fats in our portfolio.


Like many companies, we’re on a journey to minimising our carbon footprint, and targets are in place for our manufacturing sites to optimise CO2 emissions and reduce Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 2030.

We purchase 100% renewable electricity for our manufacturing hubs, whilst Kerrymaid sites are also 100% zero waste to landfill.

Finally, we have a target of a 15% water reduction on Kerrymaid manufacturing sites by 2025.