Occasion Guides & Recipe Books

We have put together some guides to make your lives in the professional kitchen easier with some useful tips from our chefs and more recipe inspiration to get creative with! Whether you are prepping meals for school children, adapting dishes for residents in a care home or catering we’ve got you covered!

With over 30 years of expertise, Kerrymaid is the complete dairy solution for caterers. Kerrymaid has unveiled six new occasion guides to help chefs and caterers provide consistent and smooth results in the kitchen, regardless of the dish.

The occasion guides focus on breakfast, burgers, pizza and desserts, as well as covering the educational catering and care home catering channels. Each guide takes a look at the key trends and insights for the topic, with helpful tips on how caterers can maximise the occasion in their premise. On top of this, the guides include delicious recipes for chefs to recreate in the kitchen, with the use of products from the Kerrymaid portfolio.

The Kerrymaid occasion guides can be found here.

Kerrymaid in Care

Knowing that nutrition is key when caring for those who are elderly and more vulnerable, we have put together recipe inspiration and insights to help you cater for special diets and ensure optimum nutrition.

Kerrymaid in Education

At Kerrymaid we know how challenging it can be to provide school children with nutritious meals that taste great too so we have pulled together some of our favourite Kerrymaid recipes and chef top tips to make your lives easier in the kitchen!

Indian Cuisine Recipes

Kerrymaid has teamed up with chef Cyrus Todiwala to create a range of fantastic tasting authentic Indian dishes for you to share with your customers – there is something here for every occasion – from a delicious evening meal to an inspired brunch idea.

The Angelito Ice Cream Dream Team

Angelito and DaVinci deliver just that with delicious products that, paired together, are guaranteed to delight your customers! Angelito Ice Cream and Thickshake Mixes offer you the perfect base to any dessert or beverage with their smooth creaminess. Finally, add the magic by topping off with vibrant colours and exploding flavours that DaVinci Sauces and Drizzles offer to boost your menu.