Pudding Party at the Old Wine Vaults

The Old Wine Vaults, a 16th Century pub in the historic town of Faversham, Kent, is well-known for its wide selection of real ales and locally sourced food. Publicans David and Nuala recently decided to add a new event to their already broad promotional calendar by holding their first Pudding Party with Kerrymaid.

Using Kerrymaid POS materials, including posters and table talkers, as well as promoting the event through staff word of mouth, social media and their own website, they successfully sold all their tickets for the event. David says: “The POS had a strong visual impact and raised a lot of awareness. We briefed staff on the event, and they told customers and their friends about it, which helped.”

For case study visit: http://kerrymaid.co.uk/index.php/pudding-party/the-old-wine-vaults

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