Kerrymaid Tasting Success with Chris Basten – CGOC Choc Hot Pot

Kerrymaid has once again partnered with the Craft Guild of chefs to create a series of great tasting dished using Kerrymaid Buttery. Craft Guild of Chef’s Chair Chris Basten cooks up a delicious melt in the middle Choc Hot Pot.

Makes 10
255g Dark chocolate (70%)
255g Kerrymaid Buttery
4 Eggs
4 Egg yolks
125g Caster sugar

Melt the chocolate and Kerrymaid Buttery in a bowl over simmering water, allow to cool and keep warm. In a separate bowl whisk the eggs and egg yolks, add sugar slowly and whisk until pale and creamy in colour. Using a spatula fold in the melted chocolate and Kerrymaid Buttery gently. Hold in the fridge for up to three days.

When needed preheat oven to 210c, spoon the mixture into ovenproof pots and bake for 10-12 minutes.

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