Kerrymaid Tasting Success with Chris Basten – CGOC Buttery Brioche

Kerrymaid has once again partnered with the Craft Guild of chefs to create a series of great tasting dished using Kerrymaid Buttery. Craft Guild of Chef’s Chair Chris Basten whips up tasty Buttery Brioche.

Stage 1
25g Fresh yeast
100ml Milk
25g Caster sugar
50g Strong white bread flour

Stage 2
25g Caster sugar
100g Kerrymaid Buttery
15g Table salt
400g Strong white bread flour
4 Eggs

Brush moulds with a little extra melted Kerrymaid Buttery and dust with flour
Set in the fridge.

Put yeast, milk and sugar for stage one in a small bowl and mix till the yeast has dissolved, sift in flour and mix, cover and leave to double in size in a warm place.

Preheat oven to 200c. When stage one has risen, cream together the sugar Kerrymaid Buttery salt and flour for stage two, use a electric mixer with a dough hook. Add the stage one dough mix and turn for a further two minutes until both dough’s are well mixed. With the mixer turning slowly add three beaten eggs slowly and mix for a further 4 minutes.

Turn out dough and divide into ping pong sized pieces, place 7 into your moulds, leave to proof for 25 minutes then place inside oven and bake for 40 minutes. 15 minutes in, take the last egg beat and brush the tops of the brioche and cook until golden brown. Turn out onto a rack and cool.

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