The Taste Of The Good Life

Whichever sector you are in, we know that as a professional caterer you need products which are going to deliver great quality meals, consistently. One of the great benefits of specifying Kerrymaid products is the knowledge that you are getting something specifically designed for your needs – not just a retail product in a bigger pack, but a dairy (or dairy replacement) ingredient created with caterers in mind.

Kerrymaid’s latest promotional campaign is titled ‘A taste of the good life’ and it’s true that the range delivers the quality caterers need to impress their customers while maintaining an excellent nutritional profile. Low sat fat scores, no hydrogenated oils, and Soil Association accreditation set the Kerrymaid range apart from its competitors but there is much more on offer from the brand than great products alone.

Kerrymaid has a huge resource of recipes, advice and guidance for caterers of all kinds. We have sector-leading insight into foodservice trends providing plenty of opportunity for caterers to innovate with confidence on their menus. Add to this customer behaviour insight, event and marketing advice, and detailed knowledge on allergens, health and wellbeing and it’s clear why Kerrymaid has become trusted by so many caterers for its dairy and dairy-free products.
Try a taste of the good life today.