• 250g - Ground almonds
  • 500g - Whole eggs
  • 100g - Soft flour
  • 75g - Caster sugar
  • 375g - Egg whites
  • 75g - Kerrymaid Premium Baking, melted
  • 375g - Icing sugar
  • 200g - Kerrymaid Custard
  • 3 - Oranges (zests)
  • 100g - Brazil nuts
  • 4g - Salt
  • 150g - Egg whites
  • 50g - Water
  • 114g - Caster sugar


  1. For the sponge - whisk icing sugar and eggs to ribbon stage. Separately, sieve almonds and flour together
  2. Whisk egg whites and caster sugar to semi-peak, then fold the ingredients together (in the order you made them). Finally, fold in the melted Kerrymaid Premium Baking
  3. Spread over trays in an even 1cm layer and bake six-ten minutes at 200°c. Remove from the oven and sprinkle with caster sugar
  4. For the brazil nut custard - Chop the brazil nuts into small pieces and add all the ingredients to a mixing bowl and mix together until combined
  5. Spread an even layer over the baked sponge sheets and roll tightly but gently
  6. For the meringue – bring the water and sugar to 118°c
  7. Whisk the egg whites to semi peak and gently rain in the hot sugar. Once all the sugar is in, turn to a high speed and whisk until stiff peak and glossy texture
  8. Spread over the rolled sponge so it is covered using a pallet knife, make sure you get some texture to the outside and some small to medium peaks sticking off. Then gently blow torch the whole pudding until it is a light brown golden colour
  9. Slice the pudding and serve on a plate with a jug of Brazil nut and Orange custard per serving.