Catering for the elderly can be a unique and challenging task, given the very different needs care home chefs have to cater to. Due to appetites often being small, it is important for care home chefs to serve residents with nutritionally rich, high calorie meals to help maintain weight and minimise ill health.

Additionally, mealtimes can often be the highlight of a resident’s day, it’s a time where they are able to socialise with others and enjoy a comforting meal. From our earliest memories, food is often a happy time in our lives, so it’s important to recapture these thoughts when cooking for the elderly. Recreating happy memories can also encourage those suffering from dementia to eat more.

To help inspire care home caterers across the UK, our brand ambassador, Matt Dodge, teamed up with Kerrymaid’s very own development chef, Richard Troman to create The Care Collection. Together, with their knowledge and understanding of the industry, they have created recipes which deliver on both taste and performance in a demanding kitchen.

Keeping menus fresh and dining rooms welcoming is key to encouraging residents to eat, so throughout The Care Collection you will also find exclusive top tips by Matt on making your menu and dining room work for you and your residents. We have also created the Kerrymaid Resident Taste Profile, which is available for you to download here. This profile enables you to captures the likes, dislikes and nutritional requirements of each of your residents, helping you to keep on top of specific dietary needs as well as taste preferences.

Download a copy of The Care Collection today!