With 2018 just around the corner, we decided that it would be a great time to reveal our top trend predictions for the education channel in the new year.

Education caterers need to carefully plan menus ahead, producing menus that encourage our younger generations to eat, as well as educate them on the types of meals that cater for their nutritional needs. Children have quite an eclectic palette these days. With the rise of high street influencers as well as huge trends such as street food, school menus need to reflect these trends, all whilst maintaining top level nutrition.

Global inspiration

Inspired by growing multiculturalism, students are now exposed to more exotic flavours and expect to see these in their school meals. This is a great way to encourage children to constantly try new flavours and cuisines and with the rise in Asian inspired food on the high street, don’t be afraid to try Thai and Korean inspired dishes on school menus during 2018.

The word on the street

As mentioned earlier, street food has been a huge trend the past year or so, so replicating this for secondary school students is an excellent way to help keep them on site during 2018. Grab-and-go dishes and salad bowls are a great way to start!

Knowing what’s on the plate

Families are becoming much more environmentally and nutritionally aware, with everybody wanting to know exactly what they’re eating and where it comes from. Labeling your dishes and promoting locally sourced produce is going to be imperative in furthering pupils mindset towards fresh food.


The high street are offering more and more customised meals, with consumers being able to choose their own toppings, fillings, bread, rice, salad etc. Creating a salad bar in your school for students to have the same freedom is the perfect way to encourage clean plates and get some extra veggies in them.

Less is more

With the rise of vegan, vegetarian and ‘free from’ lifestyles, it’s a great opportunity to adapt your school menu. Implementing meat free days is a good way to encourage students to try more vegetables and alternative proteins, this can also help tighter school budgets. Using ingredients that are gluten free, such as Kerrymaid Premium Baking and Kerrymaid Buttery will mean that you can cater to both ‘free from’ and regular diets.

Here’s to 2018 and the exciting new food trends to come!

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