It’s important to keep up to date on the current food trends, it can help keep residents appetites up as well to help with budgets. We decided to make some food predictions within the care sector for 2018.

Vegetables are the best medicine

Veggies bump up vitamin D intake, which elderly residents often lack, so dishes that incorporate as much veg as possible, such as bakes and cobblers are key additions to 2018 menus. See our Kerrymaid Care Collection for great veggie recipes.

Reducing waste

An estimated 20% of all food purchased is thrown away nationwide so tackling food waste is going to be huge on the agenda across the entire food service industry. Nose to tail and root to leaf will become a major part of cooking for residents, as well as reducing portion sizes to help lower food waste.

Eggs, eggs, eggs

They’re a vital source of protein and with the presence of salmonella, which posed a huge risk to the elderly, being significantly reduced, eggs purchased with the British Lion stamp are now safe for residents to eat. Ask residents how they like their eggs cooked and for residents who need a little extra encouragement to eat, or those living with dementia, being able to have a breakfast reminiscent of their home or childhood will really help. Try serving dippy eggs and soldiers with Kerrymaid Buttery for a simple yet tasty meal to remind them of their childhood.

More than just food

For many residents meal times are a highlight of the day, it’s a chance  for them to socialise with other residents. Offering brunch once a month, serving the meal at a slightly later time than breakfast, and offering something slightly different, like eggs benedict using Kerrymaid Hollandaise, may encourage those residents who usually dine in their room to come out and join in. It’s also a great opportunity for care caterers to trial new dishes.

Vegetarianism is aging

As we enter 2018, vegetarianism is becoming an ever more popular life choice meaning that care caterers also need to consider veggie meals on their menus. It’s also the perfect way to consider the environmental impact that too much meat consumption can cause.

Here’s to 2018 and the exciting new food trends to come!

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