Kerrymaid Reveals Menu Trends for 2016

At Kerrymaid we continue to keep an eye on the latest foodservice trends to help make sure that all of our customers are up to speed with the innovations that continue to course through catering. The momentum shows no signs of slowing up in 2016 so here are our latest insights.

Focused menus in fast-casual

We’re starting to see smaller, more focused menus dominating traditional outlets as many operators look to specialise further. The rise of the single dish restaurant will continue to increase in popularity in 2016. Be it gourmet burgers, hotdogs or lobster rolls, topicality remains key.

The ‘Transumer'

Nothing to do with gender, the emergence of the ‘Transumer’ blurs the boundaries between meal times and courses. These highly transient consumers demand quality and taste on the go and are always looking for new flavours. ‘Breakfastarians’ are a Transumer sub-set, seeking breakfast dishes throughout the day, but with an increasing twist. Think spicy yoghurts and smoothie bowls.

Cuisine Fusion

Cuisine fusion is taking foodservice by storm as complementary savoury and sweet flavours and textures combine in unusual combinations. Anyone for a beetroot chocolate brownie?

Keeping Cool

Ice cream is also embracing the unconventional. Dessert-based flavours and ice cream sandwiches are growing in popularity, but always with a modern twist. Flavours including avocado, cardamom and bourbon caramel will be in favour this year, with more inspiration to come from popular cocktails such as the margarita – mixing lime and tequila flavours.


A third of restaurant brands now provide separate gluten-free menus, with no sign of the free-from bandwagon slowing down. Key though is offering breadth of choice.

Kerrymaid can help here. We have relaunched Kerrymaid Premium Baking to be dairy free to help you meet these needs. Caterers using Kerrymaid can be sure that they are bringing The Taste of the Good Life to menus, while meeting new consumer demands around flavour and quality.

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